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First Posted: Sep 7, 2012 7:25am | Last Updated: Sep 7, 2012 10:55am

Tune into Teletoon Friday night and you will get to see Regina, for the first time, in full colour cartoon.

The show Fugget About It premieres on "Teletoon At Night." It's about a mob family that has to go into witness protection and is placed in Regina.

Although it was someone else who suggested the cartoon be set in Regina, when the original plan was to set it in a generic Canadian city, the show's creator, Willem Wennekers, is very familiar with the Queen City. He is actually a graduate of the University of Regina's film program.

"I've been through the Regina winters and I love the city and I think it's just a great for this hard-core New York family," he explained.

Wennekers says there are a few times where you will be able to recognize Regina.

"I know that we have one episode where we reference the Leg(islative) building but there is some fictional things because obviously you know it's a show where you have to come up with some wild and crazy stories and sometimes you have to add some things into the city that maybe aren't there," he said.

Although it's a cartoon, it's not exactly kid-friendly. Wennekersd says the show would appeal to fans of "American Dad" and "Family Guy". Audiences can get ready for an Italian mob family, a do-right mountie, and a little rude humour.

Fugget About It premieres on Teletoon Friday night at 8 pm.

Edited by CJME's Adriana Christianson

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