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Jimmy Falcone thinks Canadian pizza tastes like "ketchup on cardboard."

But Jimmy is a cartoon character, so really, how finely tuned could his tastebuds be?

Nonetheless, the reactions of Jimmy and his family to all things Canadian are at the heart of the new animated sitcom Fugget About It, a Teletoon original series that debuts Friday.

Jimmy, voiced by Tony Nappo, is a former New York mobster in the witness-protection program, sentenced to live in Regina. He has another name for it, of course.

Interestingly, the setup of Fugget About It is similar to the recent Steven Van Zandt series Lilyhammer, a Netflix original that came out earlier this year. In that one, Van Zandt plays a former New York mobster who moves to Norway via the witness-protection program. At least Little Steven chose his location, unlike Jimmy Falcone.

At one point in Fugget About It, Jimmy's police contact -- a full-uniform Mountie, naturally -- informs Jimmy that if someone recognizes him in Regina, he and his family immediately will be moved north.

"I thought this WAS north," Jimmy laments. "There's a MORE north?"

Trust us, Jimmy, there is. It's called Saskatoon.

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