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The Kratt’s Brothers and Kristen McGregor to be given the YMA Special Prizes Back to Media Coverage


The Youth Media Alliance (YMA) is very excited to be giving its Outstanding Achievement Award to Chris and Martin Kratt and its Emerging Talent Award to Kristen McGregor. These professionals who have made their mark on the English-language youth production industry in Canada will be honoured at a gala to be held on May 28 at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio, in Toronto.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Given for a distinguished career in youth production in Canada, this prestigious prize salutes the individual’s contributions to the industry, leadership skills, ability to innovate and inspire and career-long commitment to young Canadians.
Martin and Chris Kratt, founders and principals of the Kratt Brothers Company, have over 15 years of experience in the television and interactive game/web industry. They have created and produced over 200 episodes of television including the hit children’s television series Kratts’ Creatures, Emmy-winning preschool series Zoboomafoo, the National Geographic/CBC wildlife adventure series Be The Creature, and most recently, the Emmy nominated, PBS/TVO/Télé-Québec/Knowledge hit series in its third season, Wild Kratts.

Zoologists by training, Chris and Martin grew up in Warren Township, New Jersey, and they are now living in Ottawa, where they opened their animation studio in 2009. They have made efforts to parlay their celebrity to benefit wildlife conservation by founding their not-for-profit society to help kids help animals. Called the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Society, it was formed after a young girl sent them $3.19. Since then they created a 1200 acre wildlife refuge for endangered grizzly bears. Parents and kids just love them. Their personal appearances attract large crowds such as 31,000 at the Chicago Zoo.

Emerging Talent Award
This award is given to a promising professional whose achievements have made him or her a rising star in children’s programming. This award encourages young creators and broadcast professionals to outdo themselves and, more importantly, to pursue a career in youth production.

Kristen McGregor is a children’s media producer, researcher, and writer. She currently works as part of The Michael Cohen Group’s research team for Season III of the Nick Jr. show The Bubble Guppies, and the U.S. Department of Education’s UMIGO. Kristen is also the producer of the Canadian Screen Award-nominated TVO Kids/Sinking Ship Entertainment hit, Giver. A recent master’s degree graduate from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, Kristen’s thesis work investigated childhood creativity and how to spur innovative thinking via children’s media. Prior to her foray into research, Kristen was a Creative Producer on other Sinking Ship Entertainment shows including Are we there yet? World Adventure (Season III) and Roll Play (Season III), while she also created Hippothesis (TVO Kids/Yowza Animation). Kristen began her career in children’s media at Kids’ CBC, where she worked for four years, and remains connected as the “voice” behind the Kids’ CBC Twitter account. While she continues to write children’s television, consult on children’s content in development, and make independent web videos for children (What’s Inside? at, there’s one thing that always remains constant in Kristen’s adventure-packed life: an absolutely insatiable curiosity for how media can be used to inspire and educate the kids she meets!

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