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Nickelodeon UK Goes for Extreme Babysitting Back to Media Coverage

Worldscreen By: Joanna Padovano - September 4, 2013

TORONTO: 9 Story Entertainment has sold Extreme Babysitting, a hidden-camera reality show, to Nickelodeon in the U.K.

Extreme Babysitting looks on as teenagers, who are under the impression they are about to babysit, are pranked. The 22x30-minute series is created and produced by General Purpose Pictures in association with CCI Entertainment and YTV, where it first debuted earlier this year. The program was recently given the go-ahead for a second season.

"Extreme Babysitting fits the Nick sensibility of full-on fun and I am sure that our audience will relish the mayhem that unfolds in the course of an episode," said Tim Patterson, the VP and director of programming for Nickelodeon UK.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nickelodeon in the U.K.," noted Natalie Osborne, the managing director of 9 Story Entertainment.

"We think Extreme Babysitting is great fun and know kids in the U.K. will enjoy it as much as those in Canada who've been making it such a big success for YTV," added Jill Keenleyside, the VP of distribution for 9 Story Entertainment.

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