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26×22 MINS

It’s the 23rd Century, and the Earth has shattered into millions of inhabitable floating blocks. The blocks are controlled by the Sphere, an evil dictatorship bent on dominating humankind. Among the people are seijins, humans with supernatural powers activated by sunlight. A young girl named Lena and her brother Mahad have escaped the Sphere and joined fellow rebel pirates in a fight against its oppression. Today, they represent the only hope for freedom. This is their story. VISIT SKYLANDTV.COM

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Awards & Nominations

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Awards Won

2007 – Best Animated Program or Series
Gemini Awards

2007 – Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series (Paul Intson)
Gemini Awards

2006 – TV Series of Action and Adventure
Pulcinella Awards


2007 – Best Website or Original New-Platform Content Tied Into a Children’s Program
YMA Awards of Excellence

2007 – Award of Excellence, Animation 9-14
YMA Awards of Excellence

2006 – Prix Jeunesse Awards – International Finalist 12-15
Prix Jeunesse Awards