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Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with Xavier Riddle!

By April 23, 2021 No Comments

During the month of April we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, a month to promote Autism Awareness and show support to those affected by autism. This month, Xavier, Yadina and Brad go on a new adventure that includes a friend from school, Ben! Yadina struggles to make friends with Ben as he doesn’t seem to want to do things her way. To the Secret Museum! 

Our heroes are sent back in time to meet a unique person just like Ben. Temple Grandin is an amazing hero who became an accomplished engineer, scientist, biologist and animal behavior specialist. With all of her achievements, Temple Grandin is also amazing because she is autistic. She has both a passion for the humane treatment of animals and being an activist for autistic communities. 

How does learning about autism affect Xavier, Yadina and Brad? Temple Grandin is a unique hero in the sense that she may sometimes do things differently than everyone else, including flying a kite! While Xavier, Yadina and Brad fly their kites directly above them, Temple Grandin approaches it differently. She attaches it to her bicycle and has it fly behind her as she peddles along. Through their trip to the Secret Museum, Yadina learns that it’s great when people think and do things differently. 

This month, and every month, it is important to teach children to take their peer’s perspectives and feelings into account and remember that not everyone thinks the same. By doing so, we’re paving the way for a generation of accepting and collaborative children, who celebrate each other’s differences.

‘I am Temple Grandin’ showcases a real-life hero who is autistic and highlights their AMAZING way of thinking. Grandin’s character reinforces the idea that difference is okay and something that should be embraced. And though one of the main goals of the episode is to give autistic kids an authentic character that they can identify with onscreen, the message of celebrating our differences applies to all children around the world. It’s important to educate today’s youth in a way that supports their social and emotional learning and prepare them for the many different types of conversations and situations they may encounter throughout their daily adventures. 

To support Autism Acceptance Month and have your little heroes be activists themselves, print out our Xavier Riddle and Temple Grandin activity sheet HERE. Just as Temple Grandin did, your little heroes can show that thinking differently can lead to new and exciting things! 

Tune in to the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum episode “I Am Temple Grandin” on PBS Kids on April 5th. Check your local listings for more information! 

For more resources please visit Autism Society and PBS Kids for Grownups. 

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