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My Friend Bubbles

52×1 MINS

My Friend Bubbles is an animated series starring Bubbles, a charming 6-year-old boy, and his friend Kikelie, a playful little kangaroo. The series follows the friends as they turn everyday experiences upside down and into fun-fi lled explorations full of imagination and wonder. In each episode, Bubbles and Kikelie have all sorts of merry adventures, together with their friends Momo, the Pixiepops, Touki and Pumpernel. Each episode brings new discoveries and fun-fi lled voyages to worlds where poetry, surprises and makebelieve come alive. Sometimes, the characters transform so that they can fit anywhere – like in a beehive or the belly of a frog. Even in a bowl of gazpacho! Bubbles talks directly to children, involving them in the fun.

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