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‘A Kind of Spark’ Season 2 Now Streaming on BBC iPlayer & Launching on BYUtv This Sunday

Happy Spark Day! We’re delighted to announce that Season 2 of A Kind of Spark, the award-winning live-action series by 9 Story Media Group has officially launched on BBC iPlayer in the UK today and will premiere on CBBC this April 29.

🌟 Stream the full second season here: BBC iPlayer – A Kind of Spark 🌟

And that’s not all, we’ve got one more important date for all our American fans to mark on the calendar – the new season will be lighting up BYUtv in the US this Sunday, April 28, 2024.

A Kind of Spark is a powerful series about the joys of friendship, sisterhood, the drama of growing up, based on the best-selling book by neurodivergent author, Elle McNicoll.

It tells the inspirational story of an autistic teenager Addie. When she learns about the witch trials that happened centuries ago in her hometown of Juniper, Addie knows that there’s more to the story of these ‘witches’, just as there is more to her own. Series two takes place in the summer following on from the events of series one, and a face from the past and a mysterious bookshop bring new challenges for Addie and her loved ones. Can Addie work out what’s next?

Building on the storylines from season one, the new season of A Kind of Spark also dives into new key themes including growing up through an autistic lens, learning there’s more than one way to be, and how to handle internal and external pressure.

See a first look below via the CBBC YouTube:

Inclusivity is at the heart of the show both on and off screen. Almost half the cast and crew are neurodivergent, and the production team worked closely with the cast to be mindful of sensory or stimulation points in regard to wardrobe, hair, make-up and set, and each filming location had a sensory room or trailer for cast who needed a safe, quiet space.

Filmed in Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen, A Kind of Spark has authentic representation throughout its production with lead characters played by neurodivergent actors including, Addie (Lola Blue), Keedie (Georgia De Gidlow), and Nina (Caitlin Hamilton) along with Bonnie (Ella Maisy Purvis), a new character for series two.

A Kind of Spark is created for television by Anna McCleery (Free Rein, Secret Life of Boys) and executive produced for 9 Story Media Group by Gráinne McNamara. Lead writers are Anna McCleery and Elle McNicoll (A Kind of Spark, Show Us Who You Are) with Karissa Hamilton-Bannis, Vicki Lutas and Scott Payne.

The first season of A Kind of Spark garnered both critical and popular acclaim celebrated by audiences around the world and winning multiple awards this year, including the Children’s Programme award at the RTS Awards 2024 and the Best Children’s Programme at the Broadcast Awards 2024. Elle McNicoll’s book has also won the Blue Peter Book Award and the Overall Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. We can’t wait for all the new and returning A Kind of Spark fans to travel back to the village of Jupiter for a whole new set of powerful and heart-warming stories about friendship, courage and self-belief.

“I’m so thrilled that we are back for season two of A Kind of Spark. The response from audiences has been just incredible and I am proud that our show will continue to show a nuanced and empathetic portrayal of autistic people. Autism is not a binary, it is a vast spectrum, and I’m proud to write for a show that champions this.”

— Elle McNicoll, Bestselling and Award-winning Author and Screenwriter, A Kind of Spark

“We are beyond excited to return to Juniper for series two of A Kind of Spark! It’s a brilliant show that originates from a powerful story about the universal themes of friendship, sisterhood and growing up whilst showcasing neurodiversity in an organic and engaging way. Over the last year, the show has built a strong community and won many awards, which is a real testament to the power of storytelling to bring people together and the importance of reflecting diverse lives and experiences of young people on screen.”

— Patricia Hidalgo, Director of BBC Children’s and Education

“We are thrilled to be sharing a new season of A Kind of Spark! Our talented creative team, cast and crew have crafted a series that has embraced representation at its core, and it’s been extremely moving to see how Addie’s story has resonated with audiences far and wide.”

— Natalie Osborne, Chief Strategy Officer, 9 Story Media Group

We would like to extend a huge shout out to the incredible A Kind of Spark Season 2 team, who have helped bring this whole new season of stories to life. We can’t wait to welcome kids and families everywhere to dive back into Addie’s bright and sparkly world!

Stream A Kind of Spark Season 2 NOW in the UK on BBC iPlayer, coming soon to CBBC on Monday, April 29, and catch the spark in the US on BYUtv this Sunday, April 28.

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