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Carnivals Around the World

Carnivals are best recognized for their music, dancing, costumes and overall FUN!  Although this year may look a little different and in-person celebrations have been postponed, Luna wants you to learn about some of her favorite carnivals around the world! 

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

While in Brazil, Luna, Andy, Carmen and Leo learned about the grand celebration that takes place every year. Brazil Carnival is all about the samba! One of the largest celebrations in the world, with millions in attendance, where people gather inside the Sambadrome to watch the costumed dancers from various Samba schools go through the route. 

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

One of the biggest celebrations in the Carribean, Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is an experience locals spend all year preparing for. Known for the soca music and steel pan groups of carnival bands that have various costumed participants who dance along the routes to the sounds of soca music. Did you know there is also a competition component to the event? Bands parade through a panel of judges who evaluate things like costume design.

New Orleans, Louisiana

While in New Orleans Luna, Andy, Carmen and Leo had the chance to learn all about jazz music and a celebration called Mardi Gras! Also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, the event originated from a religious holiday. On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, better known as Mardi Gras, people indulge in food and music before the beginning of Lent (a 40 day period where Roman Catholics may abstain from certain foods). The tradition has evolved where people dance in the streets and trinkets are thrown into the crowd.  

Cologne, Germany

 Over the last 175 years, carnival in Cologne has become a spectacular celebration. The festivities include unique costumes, singing, dancing and lots of laughter. Best known as Karneval in German, the event is also referred to as their “fifth season”. Carnival in Cologne is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

When things return to normal Luna and the Circo Fabuloso plan to be in attendance at all of these fun and fabulous events. Which one of these celebrations does your family want to attend first? Even though these in-person events are postponed this year, there is no stopping you from creating your own version at home! Turn on the music, put together a fun costume and get moving!

Until our next travel adventure…

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