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Charlie’s Colorforms City: Mighty Movie Adventures Coming to Netflix June 13

Calling all Storytellers… we feel some NEW stories coming on!

Netflix recently announced that new seasons of the animated hit series Charlie’s Colorforms City will be shaking up their platform again on June 13, 2022!

And included in the latest drop is the highly-anticipated Charlie’s Mighty Movie Adventures trilogy – a three-part story experience that will entertain the entire family and have everyone joining in to help Charlie make the stories as he goes!

While we wait for this legendary saga to drop, we have some exciting sneak peeks to share below that will leave us all feeling fantaSTICK!

Watch the EPIC Charlie’s Mighty Movie Adventures Trailer

First up – check out the EPIC trilogy trailer! Inside you find a glimpse at the mighty adventures to come, which include traveling to a dinosaur island, soaring over a super city, and across a robot galaxy.

Charlie’s Mighty Movie Adventures: Clip – Superhero Charlie

Next, we have another story snippet from Charlie’s Mighty Movie Adventures! In this clip find Mighty Charlie to the rescue when a silly villain steals his super sidekick and takes her away to Bubble Clock Tower.

Full Episode – Watch Charlie’s Dinosaur Movie Adventure 

And last, but certainly not least, you can now watch one FULL EPISODE from the three-part movie adventure on the Netflix Jr. YouTube channel: Where did MacGuffin go? To find her, Mighty Charlie must cross over a dino bridge, dodge a pair of giant rolling eggs and chase down a baby dinosaur!

Based on Colorforms, the classic toy brand, Charlie’s Colorforms City is a storytelling adventure series that follows the loveable and hilarious Charlie, as he leads viewers on unpredictable and imaginative shape-filled story expeditions. The series is produced by 9 Story Media Group, with animation by Island of Misfits. The show is also executive produced by 9 Story’s Chief Creative Officer Angela Santomero (Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, Blue’s Clues & You!).

We can’t wait for our Charlie’s Colorform City fans to dive into these new fantaSTICK episodes! And Remember only YOU can help Charlie make these new stories as you go!

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Mighty Movie Adventures & Miss Weather and Friends are coming on June 13 to Netflix. 
Watch seasons 1-4 of the 3D-animated series streaming now on Netflix.