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Complete the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Indoor Adventure Quest!

By October 19, 2020 No Comments

Depending on where you live, the Fall weather is in full effect and that means colder, rainy days spent indoors! We know it can be tricky to find activities that not only keep your little ones entertained, but also have a learning component that contributes to their social-emotional development!

Today, we have built out an Adventure Quest that you can use for those days spent indoors.  Not only will it help your little ones learn about heroes and historical figures, but will give them the competitive drive to complete the hunt!

Just like Xavier, scavenger hunts allow kids to practice problem-solving and use their experiences in real life situations.


The best part of this adventure quest? Everything you need to complete the tasks can be found right on the PBS KIDS website! We encourage you to keep paper, coloring pencils and snacks on hand for some of the fun activities along the way.

Head to PBSKIDS.org or visit the PBS KIDS app and get started on the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum page!


Our first stop on the Xavier Riddle Adventure Quest is an opportunity to learn all about one of our heroes. When your little one answers this question correctly, they can print and customize their own coloring sheet.

Can you find this hero on the PBS KIDS website? This hero has done many incredible things, including becoming a famous author! She was the first blind and deaf individual to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, showing the world that there are so many different ways to learn. Follow the pencil button to see if you can spot this hero!

Hint: You can learn more about this hero from this clip on our Instagram!

Complete the coloring sheet to continue to Challenge #2.


This activity will have your little ones creating their own story with the help of our Xavier Riddle Story Creator game!

Follow the red game button to complete this challenge.

To complete this challenge, create your own story with this historical figure who was most well known for her record-breaking trip around the world in 72 DAYS! You might know her from her mantra “When there’s something you really want to do, be bold!”

Hint: She can be found wearing her most historically famous outfit – a maroon hat and long jacket!

Challenge your little ones to pick one thing they really want to do and how they can be bold to achieve their goals!

Create your own story with this hero to proceed to Challenge #3.


Up, up and away! This challenge is inspired by our traveling hero who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s put pencil to paper and find all the hidden words in this challenge?

Hint: This word search is all about travelling!

Is there one place your little one dreams of travelling to? Create your own Word Search using words from your own travel adventures using this online word search tool!

Complete this activity sheet and prepare for the final challenge!


“There are so many ways to come up with story ideas!” Storytelling and using your imagination allows your little one to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings!

For the final challenge it’s time for your little one to tell us THREE fun facts about these famous sisters.

Hint: Visit our Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Facebook for our weekly Guess the Hero posts, brought to you by our sponsor Kiddie Academy.

Come up with THREE facts and you’ve completed challenge #4.


Thanks for coming on this Adventure Quest with Xavier, Yadina and Brad! Don’t forget to check out the other activities and games so your little one can learn more about historical figures and heroes when spending time indoors with you.

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum also has a page just for parents who want to do hands-on, educational activities with their little ones like making an Encouragement Jar, creating a hero self-portrait and playing a storytelling game!

New Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum resources are launching regularly. Be sure to check PBS Kids and the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum social channels for new launches and updates!