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Flavors Around the World – Part Two

By November 13, 2020 No Comments

We all know Luna and her friends love to try new foods on their travels around the globe! Today, we are sharing a few more dishes from countries they have visited around the world!

Each dish includes a link to a recipe that you and your little adventurer can spend time making together!

Italy x Pasta

Italy is home to some of the most popular dishes in the world. There’s pizza and meatballs, and we can’t forget another favorite of Luna’s – pasta! Italy is known for its cuisine with fresh pasta being at the top. In fact, the national dish of Italy is Bolognese, a pasta served with meat sauce.

You can make pasta Bolognese with your little using this simple recipe here

United States x Gumbo 

A widely popular dish from the state of Louisiana in The United States of America, Gumbo is a tasty stew. With West-African roots, the name Gumbo originates from the word kingombo, which means okra. Okra is a vegetable and the main ingredient used to thicken the stew. Add in filé powder, roux, various vegetables, meats and/or seafood to make your own gumbo!

For a recipe on how to make gumbo please see here

Turkey x Turkish Delight 

Origins of the Turkish delight date back more than 200 years! As its name suggests, the dessert we know today was created by Turkish confectioner Bekir Effendi. Another name commonly used for this treat is lokum. This sweet treat is often served with tea or coffee after a meal and is known to have some health benefits. The yummy squares are often infused with ingredients like rosewater, bergamot, and lemon! 

Check out this awesome Turkish delight recipe here!

Peru x Papa a la Huancaína 

Peru has a long history of potatoes. Potatoes are more than just food for the people of Peru, they are an important part of Peruvian culture and heritage. There are many potato farmers who grow and harvest the over 4,000 varieties in the Andean highlands of Peru. Papa a la Huancaína is a widely popular and delicious potato dish served with a boiled egg and special sauce.

For a delicious Papa a la Huancaína click here.

Food is something that unites everyone in the world, more importantly, a meal is something you can share with a loved one. Luna enjoys traveling and trying new foods with all of her friends. Take an afternoon and mix things up in the kitchen with your little adventurer! 

We want to see what you create! Share your cooking adventures with us on social! Don’t forget to tag us @letsgolunahq

Until our next adventure!