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Fun with Luna on

Although a lot of us may not be traveling right now, Luna, Andy, Carmen and Leo want you and your little one to continue exploring the world with them. Begin planning out your next big trip with Luna on the PBS Kids website! With an assortment of Let’s Go Luna! games and activities, spend an afternoon traveling to places like Munich, Germany or Beijing, China!

Below are all the fun Let’s Go Luna! games you can play at home!

Luna’s Postcards Around the World! 

BRAND NEW to the Let’s Go Luna! game catalog, this fun matching game takes you to Tokyo, Rio and more! Complete the game while learning about each destination’s culture to create your very own postcard! Print it out and send it to a friend or hang it up in your room to dream about your next adventure.

Luna’s Seek & Find

Explore the nature of Juneau, Alaska and streets of London, England! Learn, search and try to find the items or animals native to the specific destination all while helping your friends around the world. Join your friends and finish the tasks they need help on with all the missing items you were able to seek.

Carmen’s World Orchestra

Who doesn’t love music? Let music take you around the world as you learn about different instruments such as the Marimba native to Guatemala and Mexico, or the violin, which is native to Italy! Join Carmen’s World Orchestra and continue to spread joy and dancing through different styles of music. 

Fabuloso’s Fantastic Flight 

Get ready to take flight! Control the hot air balloon as you fly high and make it to the finish line! Learn about the country you are flying through as you play. Don’t forget to turn your sound on!

Chef Leo’s Crazy Kitchen

Who’s hungry? Become a master chef as you join Chef Leo in the kitchen to create classic dishes from around the world! 

Did you know that mole poblano sauce which is native to Mexico is made from cocoa beans? Try it out for yourself with this delicious recipe

Andy’s Art Studio

We know staying at home can sometimes be challenging, especially on those rainy days! Travel the world to complete amazing creative projects at-home. From quilts, to masks, to nesting dolls and clothing, let the creative juices run wild with Andy!

Have you caught up with new episodes of Let’s Go Luna!? Download, print and complete these brand new Luna activity sheets for extra fun!

Parents, we know times have been different and sometimes challenging to keep your little ones entertained. Let’s Go Luna! aims to bring learning and fun into your households. Whether you are watching the show or playing the games on, travel the world and explore with Luna and the Circo Fabuloso! 

Until our next travel adventure!