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How To Go On A Travel Adventure From Home

While we may not be able to explore all of the world’s wonders right now, that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning about all of the magic the world had to offer, and where you want to adventure when you get the opportunity to travel again! Outside of travelling with Luna, Carmen, Andy and Leo in episodes of Let’s Go Luna, we’re challenging you to have your own day of travel with your little one(s), from the comfort of your own home!

All you need to prepare a Let’s Go Luna-inspired day of travel is follow these five easy steps and use your imagination!


This is one of the most important parts of the day…picking where you want to go! Find an online map like Google Earth,, or one you have at home, to look at with your little adventurer. The world is a big place with lots of options for one little traveller, so try asking these questions to help narrow down your location:

  • Do you want to go somewhere hot or cold?
  • What kinds of things do you want to do there?
  • What kind of food do you want to eat?
  • When you picture your travel location, what do you imagine?

Hopefully based on these answers you can present your little one with some options, and if they happen to be a little shy, pictures never hurt!


One of the best parts about going on any adventure is learning about where you’re going, and the specific things you want to do. Take some time to do some reading with your little one on your ideal location, or watch an episode of Let’s Go Luna to see if Circo Fabuloso has visited your newest adventure spot.


Luna, Andy, Carmen and Leo LOVE to learn about new foods from new cultures, like when they travel to Mexico and learn about the Cocoa Bean, or when Leo so badly wants to try different types of Chinese foods, but needs to learn how to use chopsticks first! Try to make a meal with your little one that reflects the place you’ve chosen to travel, whether that’s in the ingredients, the recipe itself or even food shaped like your travel spot. Get creative and work with what you have – that’s a part of the challenge!


Spend time with your little one pretending to be visiting your travel spot! Pretend Luna, Carmen, Andy and Leo are by your side and decorate your living area, set up tourist sites and information, and have an adventure in your own home. Visiting Machu Picchu? Those stairs sure are looking like a far climb to the top! Heading to the Amazon Rainforest? Your backyard is full of mysterious animals, plants and wildlife!


Every Culture has its own unique kind of music and dance. For example, on Let’s Go Luna Leo wakes up in Rio just itching to learn the Samba and Carmen hears a mysterious noise that leads her to learn all about a beautiful dance called Benga. Music and dance have so much to offer us about other cultures, people and places, and what you learn may surprise you!

Turn on a top hits list from the place you’ve chosen to travel and start shaking it out, or learning some proper steps! Even if you don’t understand the lyrics – music and dance are universal languages!


After the end of a long day of travel, what better way to celebrate than writing a letter to Luna! Tell her all about your adventure (even if she was there), talk about what you did and what you want to do next. 

Don’t forget to share your travel adventures and letters with us using the #LetsGoLuna tag on social media, and let us know how your day of travel went! Download your own Letter to Luna template HERE!