It’s National Dog Day – Adorable Doggie Playlist!

By August 26, 2022 No Comments
Karma and Major

Happy National Dog Day! Today is a day meant to show love to all the adorable canines around the world and in our lives.  

We’re celebrating by looking back at some of our favorite adorable dog moments from different 9 Story shows. Get ready to take in the cuteness as you watch the videos below! 


Karma’s World

Karma from Karma’s World is on a mission to pull off a totally cool online challenge. The challenge in question? Busting some cool moves with her dog Major! Watch as Karma and Major get down with some killer dance moves. 


Charlie’s Colorforms City

In this clip from Charlie’s Colorforms City, Charlie is trying his best to figure out what puppy Klunk needs to be happy. Turns out, sometimes all a puppy really wants is a good hug! 


Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show

Watch as Jack from Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show shows us the many different people and things we can spread kindness to—which includes adorable puppies! In this clip, Jack teaches us that when you show kindness to animals, they often show kindness right back to you. 


Get Rolling with Otis

This clip from Get Rolling with Otis features Otis and his barnyard friends, which includes the adorable farm puppy, Polly Pup.  

When Kevin gets lost in the hay maze, it’s up to all of them to figure out how to get him out! Luckily Polly Pup helps Otis figure out a plan so they can all work together to save the day. 


Happy National Dog Day! Check out even more cuteness over at Brown Bag Films with another playlist!