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By September 9, 2020 No Comments

Greetings from around the world, fellow travelers!

Going back to school is going to look a little bit different for our little ones this year, but no matter what your back to school adventure looks like, Luna and friends can help! Learning about other cultures is so important, and we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Let’s Go Luna! resources and activities that can be used both in the classroom and at home. 


PBS Learning Media has put together some educational resources so your little one can keep learning about the world we live in and all the amazing cultures they can explore along the way. 

Check out the Let’s Go Luna! language cards, where your little one can learn how to greet a friend in eight different languages with their favorite characters from Let’s Go Luna!

Find a downloadable version of the above language printable HERE.

If you’re looking to learn more about Mexico, Australia, Russia, and China, you’re in luck! PBS Learning Media also offers a variety of Video and Activity Bundles.

Learn the importance of the cocoa flavor in the story “Loco for Cocoa” in Mexico City, and even make the recipe. Explore Sydney, Australia with Luna, Andy, Carmen, and Leo to find out about the didgeridoo, an ancient musical instrument. Visit Russia and learn about the incredibly beautiful matryoshka dolls from Russia and head to Beijing to play traditional Chinese drums! 

The Let’s go Luna Video and Activities bundles are also available in Spanish, and you can find all versions of the bundles HERE.


PBS Kids has an assortment of safe, fun games for children to play with their favorite Luna Characters online or on the PBS Kids app. Visit Chef Leo’s Crazy Kitchen and help him make recipes from around the world! If your little traveler loves art and music, get Artistic with Andy in his Art Studio or check out Carmen’s World Orchestra. You can also fly high with Fabuloso’s Fantastic Flight, but watch out for the flying snacks.

Your little one can also check out the activities section, where you can download and print an assortment of different activities, like coloring sheets, mazes, and recipe cards!

Don’t forget, you can also download and print the official Let’s Go Luna! Activity Book for more activities you can’t find online!


End off a big day of learning with a big DANCE SESSION from around the world! The official Let’s Go Luna! YouTube channel has episodes and clips, storytime with friends, and a full playlist of music around the world. Let loose and get groovin’ into the end of the day, while still learning about the universal language of music!

As always, none of these amazing learning resources and activities would be available if it weren’t for Target, a proud sponsor of Let’s Go Luna!.