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Learning with Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

By September 9, 2020 No Comments

Back to school is going to look a little different for everyone this year, but no matter how and where you’re little one is learning this school year, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum can help!

Today, we have a roundup of resources you can use to help your little one(s) learn more about the heroes and historical figures who were once ordinary kids, just like them!


The Xavier Riddle fun and adventure doesn’t stop with your screen. Your little one can learn and explore the Secret Museum by reading the newly launched Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum books from Penguin. 

Travel all the way back to meet Cleopatra in Egypt, who taught Xavier how to ask for things the right way. This episode-based Penguin Young Reader is perfect for emerging readers! You can also learn about storytelling and the importance of imagination from the Bronte Sisters. These episode-based books focus on the traits that made our heroes great – traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroically themselves.

Your little one can also read and learn alongside George Washington Carver, Harry Houdini and more! Visit the Penguin site where you can get your Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum readers of all levels!


Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum is about more than just going on super exciting adventures with heroes from the past, the series also helps kids learn important social-emotional lessons from the different historical figures they meet in every episode!

PBS Kids has put together multiple learning resources so your little hero can learn more history about their favorite historical figures. Check out the online resources, which includes video clips, teaching tips, and historical figure bio sketches to support students’ social-emotional, literacy, and social studies skills.


Hands up if you are ready to play some fun and exciting educational games and activities with Xavier and crew! Check out the PBS KIDS app or their website for the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum ‘Hero Maker’ game, where your little one can make themselves into their favorite historical figure, or even an everyday hero like Mom or Dad! You can also explore the Secret Museum with the ‘Hidden Heroes’ game, helping Xavier search for the hiding heroes, or create your own story with the newly launched Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum ‘Story Creator’ game. Story Creator lets players create their own stories using an interactive mad-libs style of play that pulls inspiration from the series’ historical heroes and their mantras, and of course, with a little added help from Xavier and crew!   

Go to or visit the PBS KIDS app to play!


Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum also has a page just for parents who want to do hands-on, educational activities with their little ones like making an Encouragement Jar, creating a hero self-portrait, and playing a storytelling game! They also offer helpful articles like ‘Helping kids find their inner Hero’ and all kinds of printable activities and coloring sheets.

New Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum resources are launching regularly. Be sure to check PBS Kids and the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum social channels for new launches and updates!