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Let’s Go, Bananas! Now Airing on CBC Kids in Canada

Get ready for a treehouse full of ordinary families having extraordinary fun!   

We are thrilled to share that Let’s Go, Bananas!, our new 2D animated comedy series, premieres today, Friday, April 19, in Canada on CBC TV and CBC GemDeveloped and produced by 9 Story Media Group with animation by our award-winning studio Brown Bag Films Toronto, Let’s Go, Bananas! (52 x 11min) is a feel-good celebration of the realities of family life; messy, joyful, chaotic, wonderful, and of course, totally BANANAS! The series does an amazing job of highlighting relatable family moments through the unique and diverse perspectives of children, offering a glimpse into various family dynamics in today’s world. 

“I am delighted to share Let’s Go, Bananas! with kids and families around the world. Each episode stars three sweet, silly, diverse families sharing each other’s lives, loves, triumphs, and tantrums in relatable tales told by their five funny and fabulous kids. It’s a madcap, heartfelt take on family life.” ~ Karen Fowler, Vice President, Development and Production, 9 Story Media Group 

Let’s Go, Bananas! was created by award-winning writer and producer Tim Bain, creator of action-comedy series Kangaroo Beach and writer on hit children’s series including Bluey, PJ MasksThomas the Tank Engine and Aardman’s Epic Adventures of Morph. The series is inspired by Tim’s own family and features a community of three sweet and silly animal families, the Bananas (gorillas), Crockers (crocodiles) and Tiger-Zelles (tigers and gazelles). The series is also written by Tim and directed by Brown Bag Films’ own Matt Mitchell (Let’s Go LunaRosie’s Rules). 

“As a father of three bouncing kids it’s a joy to turn funny everyday stories from my home life into an animated comedy series. And as a writer, it’s delightful to find fresh stories to tell with diverse families we don’t often see on screen. The show is stuffed full of the ridiculous nuances of family life, like sibling rivalry, zany toddlers, nutty pets, chaotic road trips and those kid song earworms that get stuck in your head all day. I hope all sorts of families across the world will relate to the silly shenanigans of our completely bananas characters!” ~ Tim Bain, Writer/Creator, Let’s Go, Bananas! 

The series was commissioned by CBC Kids and pre-bought by Sky Kids and will premiere on the UK broadcaster laterthis year. 9 Story also holds worldwide distribution and merchandising rights.  

We can’t wait for kids and families across Canada to dive into the entertaining tales spilling out the treetops in Let’s Go, Bananas! Get ready to share in the wild triumphs and tantrums of family life in this new series filled with fresh and contemporary stories of three diverse and authentic families who share everything – the good, the bad, and the hilarious! 

Let’s Go, Bananas! premieres today, Monday, April 19, at 9am EST on the CBC TV and 6am EST on CBC Gem, with new episodes dropping on Fridays. The first episode features two 11-minute storylines, including Double Daddies Day where Apple Banana has to double-duty organize Father’s Day for her two Dads and ‘The Pickle Fixer where it’s Dad Tiger-Zelle’s first day as a stay-at-home parent, and his daughter Stellar is determined to show him how easy the job is!

Watch this space for more updates on Let’s Go, Bananas! coming soon.