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New Places We’ve Gone with Luna!

Traveling the world is incredibly rewarding. When we travel, we are granted the opportunity to learn about new cultures, try new things and meet new people! Traveling is even more rewarding when it’s done with friends! This year we’ve been lucky enough to travel to new places with Luna and we wanted to celebrate and reflect on all the wonderful places we’ve seen. From Cusco, Peru to New Orleans, Louisiana, Luna has taken us on so many adventures. 

This month, we will revisit some of the new places Luna and her friends explored! In each destination, we will reflect on something important Luna and her friends taught us while visiting! Let’s go on another adventure, shall we?

Cusco, PeruCusco, a major city located in the country of Peru, was once capital of the Inca Empire, and is known for its archaeological terrain and Spanish architecture. Nearby, there is a famous place built by the Inca Empire called ‘Machu Picchu’. Machu Picchu is built out of stone and is found in the vast mountains of Peru. 

Machu Picchu is known to some as the ‘lost city’ even though it’s not actually lost. The locals have always known about it, but when foreign explorers stumbled upon it, they thought they were the first to find it… Today, Machu Picchu is celebrated as a Wonder of the World; anyone would be very lucky to see it with their own eyes! 

Istanbul, Turkey – Another beautiful destination Luna and her friends visited was Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is a city in the country of Turkey and is full of friendly people and amazing art! Istanbul is home of the Hagia Sophia, famous for its beautiful dome, the largest in the world for almost 900 years! The building has been used for many things over the years, but today it is used as a museum that is visited by people all over the world!

Bangkok, Thailand – Luna and her friends also explored the city of Bangkok, in the country of Thailand. Bangkok is known for many things including their beautiful art and dance. Today we are looking closer at one of these special dances called the Khon dance. Kohn is a Thai classical masked dance whose history dates back hundreds of years! It is an incredibly artistic dance as the performers tell stories using detailed sets and masks. Kohn is a combination of drama, dance, and music. The costumes are elaborate, including decorated headdresses or crowns and full-head masks, which is the most distinctive characteristic of this performance!

Why not add a little song and dance into your life with the little ones! You can Create a siku flute to play and dance with family and friends at home with this fun DIY. 

Paris, France – Luna and her friends also explored the city of Paris in the country of France! A fun fact about life in Paris, is that people every day ride trains as their main mode of transportation! Luna and her friends learned that in French, a train station is called a Gare! Places you can visit in Paris via a Gare are:

  • Métro de Paris
  • Musée du Louvre
  • Centre Pompidou
  • Musée De L’Orangerie 
  • And many other cities!

If ever you’re looking for something to do together as a family to celebrate the joys of traveling, be sure to check out Let’s Go Luna! themed games from PBS Kids! Your little adventurers can travel around the globe to help Seek & Find animals, landmarks and mark at each destination!

Join Luna and her friends on travel adventures on PBS KIDS and the PBS KIDS mobile app from your own home! Be sure to follow along for more adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Share your experiences learning with Luna on social media and tag #LearnWithLuna!

Until our next travel adventure!