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New Seasons of Charlie’s Colorforms City – Now Streaming on Netflix

By November 29, 2021Featured News, News
COLOR US EXCITED because the highly anticipated new seasons of Charlie’s Colorforms City are NOW streaming on Netflix

That’s right three new bundles of whimsically-themed episodes and specials have been packaged together for today’s big fanta-STICK premiere. These new adventures in storytelling include:

  • ✨ Classic Tales with a Twist: Eight new episodes that take us back to Color Street, which looks a little different these days. In this batch of stories, Charlie switches, changes, and rearranges classic fairy tales! And the stories certainly get stickier, with a hairytale fairytale salon, itsy-bitsy waterspout, and more!
  • ❄ Snowy Stories: Two winter-themed episodes, where we meet Charlie’s new friend Yetilda D. Yeti, who pairs up with Charlie for some stompy snow adventures.
  • 💌 The Lost Valentines Musical: A double-length musical special, where Charlie Cupid tries to spread love around Colorforms City, but the Prickly Princess has other plans that might include stealing every valentine in sight!


A HUGE shout out to our outstanding Charlie’s Colorforms City team and partners for all the incredible work they STUCK into creating these wonderful new episodes.

Okay, let’s get this story started! Watch new episodes of Charlie’s Colorforms City now on Netflix! 


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