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By September 1, 2019 No Comments

New year, New you?

Luna and the Circo Fabuloso crew are reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. A new year is the perfect opportunity to discuss goals and aspirations with your little adventurer. 

Here are a few tips to discussing New Year’s Resolutions with your little adventurer!

Explain the concept 

Depending on your little one’s age or whether you have done this with them before, they may not understand the concept of a New Year’s Resolution. It’s important to break down the idea of setting goals they would like to  achieve before 2021.

From getting an A in math on their report card, to learning how to play the guitar, to going camping under the stars, setting realistic goals is key to your child’s success. With that being said, planning the path of how they will achieve said goals is just as important.

While in a child’s mind, goals may be wanting all the fun toys on the market and eating ice cream everyday for dinner, unrealistic goals will set them up for failure, as this theme further translates to other aspects of their lives. 

Be the role model

As children grow, they become more mindful of themselves and others. With this, it is important that – as a parent – you serve as a role model who sets goals and achieves them. Maybe you say you’re going to drink more water and make an effort to drink more water so they can put the two, action and reaction together. 

You set your realistic achievable goals first, so they can understand and plan for themselves. It is important that they come up with these resolutions on their own, rather than being told what they should do.

Make it a family affair 

Perhaps this is something your family will start to do every December. Sit down and reflect on the year, the things you loved, the things you disliked and the things you want to do more of. Making this a family affair is a great way to hold each member accountable for the goals they set and work towards throughout the year.

Even better, you can set resolutions as a family! Maybe one of your goals is to have family dinners every Sunday night or to have a family game night once a month. Setting these goals as a family and actively working to achieve them will bring you closer together. 

Luna and her friends love this time of year for goal setting and aspirations. They always make it a fun, positive experience and encourage you and your little to do so too!

Until our next travel adventure…