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Play ‘Xavier Riddle Museum Maker: Pioneers & Changemakers’ Now on PBSKIDS.org

By December 23, 2021 No Comments
Get ready to build AMAZING new museum rooms for some of the most turtle-tastic real-life heroes ever, in the new Xavier Riddle game ‘Xavier Riddle Museum Maker: Pioneers & Changemakers!’ now on pbskids.org. 

In Musem Maker, one gets to create exhibits for real-life historical figures, who are known for doing great things that have never been done before. Players are sent on curious missions to locate hidden artifacts that are connected to a particular historical “pioneer” or “changemaker”, who are placed throughout the many rooms of the museum. Once an artifact is found, one must bring it back to the historical figure’s room to help create and complete a fantastic museum exhibit!  

Along with the thrill of racing around and searching out hidden artifacts, there are also countless learning opportunities built right into the gameplay. For example, each artifact comes with an insightful fact about the historical hero it is related to. Find Amelia Earhart’s plane and learn that she flew across the Atlantic Ocean faster than anyone ever by being prepared; discover Ibn Battuta’s portrait and learn that he was one of the greatest travelers of all time. Museum Maker pairs BIG fun with valuable historical facts and beneficial social-emotional lessons, to create a totally AMAZING adventure game for kids. 

The new Xavier Riddle game features oodles of missions to unlock and many mysterious rooms to explore, each filled with loads of heroes to uncover and learn about in more detail. Adventure awaits hidden behind the doors of such spaces like the Pioneers Room, the Leaders Room, or the Changemakers Room, and keep your eyes peeled for the Achievers Room when you are running around the museum halls! 

Oh, and should you work up an appetite throughout your action-packed expeditions, don’t worry, just head to the kitchen, which is full of lots of yummy secrets! 

‘Xavier Museum Maker: Pioneers & Changemakers!’ was created by our 9 Story Interactive team in partnership with PBS KIDS and Relish Interactive. The new game is based on the animated adventure-comedy Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, inspired by Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos’ best-selling kids book series, Ordinary People Change the World. The show follows the adventures of Xavier, Yadina, and Brad, as they travel back in time to meet famous heroes of the past and learn how to be their own heroes of the present! Museum Maker features many of the same pioneers and changemakers that appear throughout the series. 

Play “Xavier Riddle Museum Maker: Pioneers & Changemakers!” now on PBSKIDS.org.