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Rosie’s Rules Is A Common Sense Selection for Families by Common Sense Media!

By November 3, 2022News

Today we are thrilled to share that Rosie’s Rules has been named a Common Sense Selection for Families by Common Sense Media!  

Common Sense Media is an organization that works to help kids and families navigate content and make informed choices about what they are consuming. They do this by providing detailed reviews of content, speaking to its plot, messaging, diverse representations, and other categories while providing tips for parents who want to talk to kids about what they’re watching. 

With 9 Story Media Group’s aim to create content that is beneficial for kids and families today, this is an incredible seal of approval for our new series Rosie’s Rules. A huge congratulations to the Rosie’s Rules team on this wow-mazing accreditation! 

Rosie’s Rules is a series that follows the adventures of Rosie Fuentes, a 5-year-old Mexican-American girl who has a ton of questions about how the world works. With her multicultural family by her side Rosie learns lessons and figures things out, sharing her “rules” about life with viewers along the way that they can use as they navigate their own world. 

Rosie’s Rules being honored with a Common Sense Selection for Families is a great indicator for parents and educators, which shows that the series is filled with positive content to share with kids. Their review highlights the areas where this series shines, including its celebration of multiculturalism, bilingual use of Spanish and English, and how it teaches lessons in social studies, empathy, mindfulness, and problem-solving.  

We’re happy to earn this recognition, which highlights the ways Rosie’s Rules is hitting the mark when it comes to making beneficial content for kids. If you’d like to read the full Common Sense Media review of Rosie’s Rules, click here 

Additionally, if you’d like to watch Rosie’s Rules you can check local listings for play times on PBS KIDS and TVO Kids, or watch episodes and clips on and the PBS Kids video app