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Sports Across the Globe – Part 2

While on their travels around the world, Luna, Andy, Carmen and Leo love to take time to learn and play new sports! There are so many benefits to playing sports for both parents and little ones. From exercise and physical fitness, to improved social skills and mental health – playing sports is an important way to boost energy levels all while having a ton of fun!!  

This is Part 2 of our Sports Across the Globe series – check out Part 1 here! We’ve compiled a whole new list of unique sports that Luna and friends have played while traveling around the globe.  

India – Kabbadi 

India is home to an exciting sport that requires no equipment called Kabaddi. In Kabaddi two teams face off in a rectangular court with a line down the middle. Teams take turns sending one of their players, called “the raider”,  to tag members of the other team. The raider then has to make it back to their own side of the court without being tackled. But the trick is the raider has to say the word Kabaddi very fast over and over! 

Thailand – Takraw

People in Thailand play an exciting sport called Takraw, which means “ball” in the Thai language. Takraw uses a ball and net that is stretched across the court! In Takraw you’re not allowed to use your hands, instead, you kick with your feet! You need three people to make a full team and your team needs to be in the designated circles when serving. Takraw has been played in Thailand for a very long time!

Japan – Sumo Wrestling 

Japan has a long history and many unique traditions including Sumo Wrestling. Sumo wrestling is a sport where two strong wrestlers try to force each other off their feet or out of a ring. A sumo beya is where sumo wrestlers practice. To be a sumo wrestler you need many types of strengths. Most importantly your mind has to be strong so you know strategically what move to make next. The ring sumo wrestlers play in is called a dohyō. A dohyō must be made days before a match!

Australia – Boomerang Throwing 

Native to Australia, the Boomerang is a long wooden tool with a unique shape that is thrown into the air and after a while redirects and comes back to you. The boomerang was originally created for hunting purposes, but has since evolved and is used for recreation. There are many boomerang clubs around the globe that organize games and tournaments. 

 Fun fact: The boomerang is not thrown like a frisbee!

Have you played any of these cool sports from around the world? It’s never too late to try! Sports are a great way to have fun, let loose and gain new skills! Luna, Andy Carmen and Leo always make time to get outside and play! Whatever the sport may be, Luna is challenging you and your little one to try something new this weekend! 

Until our next travel adventure!