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Storytelling 101 with Xavier Riddle

By December 21, 2021 No Comments

Children love stories. Stories can transport us out of our everyday life for a moment, teach us empathy and take us on incredible journeys. As parents, we know kids love hearing stories, but it’s important that they learn how to tell their own stories to foster their imagination, boost their listening skills, improve their social abilities and enhance communication.

Xavier, Yadina and Brad have met many inspiring heroes that have taught them important lessons about storytelling and how to master the art of telling the next great story.

Join us as we look at some of the stories Xavier, Yadina and Brad have experienced while adventuring in the Secret Museum, which have led to many wonderful lessons on the power of storytelling.

Tell stories your own way!

On Xavier, Yadina and Brad’s adventure in the Secret Museum, the kids learned from Mary Shelley that through imagination we’re able to tell stories our own way. Mary Shelley gave a great example as to how kids can practice using their imaginations; simply lay outside, look up at the clouds and ask yourself “what do you see?” This is a great activity parents can do with their little ones to exercise storytelling skills and practice using their imagination. What makes this activity wonderful is that even though you are looking at the same clouds, the stories your little one is about to tell will be different. And this is just what Mary Shelley taught us about telling stories our own way!

Looking for new ways to engage storytelling with your little ones that are also fun? Together you and your kids can Play a Storytelling Game! In this activity, your child can use their own creativity and imagination to practice storytelling by rolling homemade dice to tell a unique story!

There are many ways to come up with story ideas!

When Brad was struggling to come up with an ending to a story he was writing, he felt defeated because he was out of ideas. This is a common challenge a lot of storytellers face from time-to-time. Luckily, Brad and his friends met the Bronte Sisters who are historically known for being incredible poets and novelists. 

The Bronte sisters – Charlotte, Emily and Anne – taught the trio that there are many ways to come up with story ideas! For example, they used their imagination to create a place called Glasstown where they imagined extraordinary people living extraordinary lives. This is called pretend play. Through pretend play, kids can make up stories as they go, which adds to all the story fun! In addition, to pretend play, drawing, singing, playing, and observing other people are the ways kids can come up with ideas for their next story. 

Stories are best when you share them with others!

Not only can stories be fun, imaginative and exciting, but they can also help you learn about historical moments in time. Xavier, Yadina and Brad learned from author Zora Neale Hurston that stories are best when you share them with others! She taught them that there’s nothing worse than a story that is stuck inside you. It’s important to remind kids that even though sharing stories that are about themselves may seem hard, they end up being the best kind of story to tell!

Join Xavier, Yadina and Brad as they learn from everyday heroes how kids can learn to tell incredible stories! There are going to be times when your little one feels like they don’t have it in them to tell a good story, but reminding them that if they use their imagination, the stories they can tell are endless!

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