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Taking Care of the Earth with Xavier Riddle

By April 27, 2022 No Comments

As we head into the spring season, the warmer weather presents more opportunities for families to spend time outside, taking a moment to appreciate nature and bask in the beauty of the world around them. Finding daily ways to immerse ourselves in nature, like taking a walk around the neighborhood, or visiting a nearby park, is not only refreshing and energizing, but also helps us to recognize and appreciate the beauty of the Earth! 

Parents can inspire children to observe and understand the importance of taking care of the Earth by going outside and experiencing the world around them with all their senses, for example listening to the sounds found in nature, feeling the texture of rocks at the beach, seeing the shade made by the trees in a park, smelling freshly cut grass, and tasting raindrops as they fall from the sky.

Throughout time, there have been many leaders who were committed to taking care of the Earth and Xavier Riddle and friends have had the AMAZING opportunity of traveling back through history, thanks to the Secret Museum, to meet some of these incredible heroes who helped change the world for the better!

Join us, as we take a trip back in time through the Secret Museum—to learn from a few incredible heroes who were committed to taking care of the earth and reminding everyone to appreciate all of Earth’s beautiful creatures.

Rachel Carson – “We can all help to protect the Earth!”

Rachel Carson was an American marine biologist, author, and conservationist whose book “Silent Spring” and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement. When Brad learned that butterflies are capable of flying thousands of miles with their little, delicate wings – he was determined to come up with a way to protect them. That’s when they met Rachel Carson who was also committed to doing that exact same thing.

Rachel taught us that everyone can help protect the Earth in both big and small ways! It’s a great idea for parents to encourage their kids to explore the earth and take the time to appreciate and protect all of Earth’s beautiful creators. Parents can spend some quality time with their kids by doing a few of the PBS Kids’ Explore the Outdoors activities and crafts. From making a nature journal to reading up on how spending time in nature is proven to reduce stress – there is something for everyone on PBSKids.org.

Theodore Roosevelt – “Nature needs space to live and grow!”

The Earth is full of so many wonderful things. There is a multitude of beautiful places to explore and many interesting creatures to discover. Theodore Roosevelt was an American statesman, politician, conservationist, naturalist, and writer. When Xavier, Brad and Yadina were startled by a snake roaming around, Theodore reminded them that even wild creatures are a part of nature and that everything in nature needs space to live and grow! 

Theodore Roosevelt also played an important role during his time as President as he helped establish national parks. National parks help protect special places on Earth so that no one can build anything so that the plants and animals in the spaces are safe. He reminded Xavier, Brad and Yadina that it is important to give all things in nature their space in order to protect the balance and beauty of the Earth.

George Washington Carver – “Take care of the Earth”

On another of their many adventures, Xavier, Brad and Yadina traveled back through time using the Secret Museum to meet George Washington Carver, a Botanist and Agricultural Scientist. George was known as the plant doctor because he was always helping plants and he taught the time-traveling crew – that it’s important to take care of the Earth!

A Botanist, like George Washington Carver, is someone who is an expert in the study of plants. George loved all plants, but flowers, in particular, were special to him. Parents can print out this super fun, George Washington Carver connect the dots activity sheet and kids can outline and color in a flower that is just as special to them.

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