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The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

By September 10, 2019 No Comments


Whether it’s yoga, meditation or just a good old fashioned nap, it is so important that you and your little take time to relax, recenter and refocus. While in France Luna helped her friends slow down and take a minute away from the constant go.  We’ve gathered a few ways you can help your child unwind and re-align.


Yoga is a wonderful way for both parents and children alike to pause and refocus. It is an ancient mind and body practice that involves deep breathing, stretching and meditation. For children, yoga is the perfect calming technique that teaches them self-awareness. As they focus on their breathing and stretches they become aware of what their bodies can do. Yoga is a great relaxation technique that you can practice and bond over with your child.


In an age of constant digital connection it is so important that your littles unplug. Children’s stress levels are on the rise and simple things like meditation can alleviate some of this stress. The objective of meditation is to reach a place of inner awareness, quieting the mind. Meditation comes in various forms (including the above yoga), but we recommend practicing breath focused meditation. Parents, music can help calm the mind while meditating. Try adding the sounds of a rainforest or other peaceful nature tunes during your next session.


Perhaps it’s a story before bed or before their nap, reading is another important relaxation technique parents can use to help their children. Studies have shown that there is a link between reading and reduced stress levels. Reading is an opportunity for kids to slow down and let their imaginations take them to new places. It’s a necessary break from screen time that is taking over this next generation. 


Even though they may fight you, napping is crucial to the development of your littles. Daytime sleep is just as important as nighttime sleep. As your kids grow, they need the time to recharge and rest their bodies and minds. Daily napping will also affect their ability to concentrate and focus on their studies. Consider incorporating an afternoon nap into your child’s routine. 

Rest and relaxation is just as important for parents as it is for children. We are living in a fast paced environment with rising stress levels for all members of the family. Consider these techniques as you unplug and re-center. 

Until our next travel adventure…

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