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Oy there mates! Luna, Andy and Carmen got to explore Leo’s hometown of Sydney, Australia and had a BLAST learning about tropical animals, traditional dishes, and even cultural instruments!

Today, we’re learning all about an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument called the Didgeridoo. The Didgeridoo is one of the world’s oldest instruments and one that is still commonly played today.

The Didgeridoo is often described as a natural wooden trumpet or “drone pipe” and some Musicologists classify it as a basserphone. When a player blows air through this wooden instrument, it makes a low HUM sound.

Let’s learn how a Didgeridoo is made!


The first step in creating a Didgeridoo is to hollow out a nice Australian eucalyptus tree.

After cleaning out all of the gunk with a stick, the bark is stripped off, so that the wood looks nice and clean!

Some friendly stingless bees provide a special wax for the mouthpiece of the instrument and last but not least…

The instrument is decorated with natural paints from the earth.

FUN FACT! A proper Didgeridoo is made primarily by nature and no two instruments are alike!