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Xavier Riddle Hero Maker Update 

Have you heard the news? The Xavier Riddle Hero Maker has received an AMAZING update!  

Head on over to to discover the newly added elements that you can use to create your very own custom hero avatar. There are OODLES of new things for you to explore like hairdos, clothing, accessories, and more! You can make a hero version of yourself or create one for someone who is a hero in your eyes. 

Along with the addition of new avatar elements, the game’s Wall of Heroes has also received a significant update. A whole new batch of historical figures featured on the show have been added to the mix. Players can click on one of these many heroes to learn more about how that particular historical figure helped change the world!

We can’t wait to see what you will create. Don’t forget to tag your personalized hero avatars on social with #XavierRiddle, so we can find all the incredible heroes in our community working together to change the world. 

And congrats to our 9 Story Interactive team and partners at Relish Interactive on the new Hero Maker power-up.