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Xavier Riddle Teaches Kids About the Importance of Laughter

By November 18, 2021 No Comments

Many of the benefits of laughter are completely obvious; it cheers us up, it lightens our mood, it can make a difficult situation much more bearable and, no less importantly, laughing is fun! Not to mention that having a sense of humour plays an important role in developing self-esteem, learning to problem solve, and honing social skills for little ones.

Xavier, Yadina and Brad have met so many inspiring people that have had great success in their lives because they understood the importance of laughter! These heroes teach kids that laughter is often the best remedy and that since laughter is contagious when they laugh, they will help make everyone around them laugh too.

Join us as we look at some of the adventures Xavier, Yadina and Brad have taken to the Secret Museum, which have led to many wonderful lessons on the importance of laughter!

It’s good to laugh at yourself!

Xavier, Yadina and Brad went on an adventure in the Secret Museum and learned from Carol Burnett that it’s okay to look silly because it will make you AND other people laugh! And making other people laugh feels good! Carol LOVES making other people laugh! Carol encouraged Yadina to make herself look silly and after she did, she said it felt so good! Laughter is all about those feel-good moments.

Together you and your kids can Fill in This Heart with all the things that represent the fun, kind and silly things you do that make you laugh!

You can help people feel better by making them laugh!

It is important to remind your kids that they can help people feel better by making them laugh! This is something that Xavier, Yadina and Brad learned from comedy icon Charlie Chaplin. Since Charlie Chaplin was often the star of silent films back in the day, he had to learn to make people laugh by not saying anything at all! Charlie knew the best way to get people laughing (even when they didn’t feel like it) was to have fun and not take things so seriously! 

Laughter can make hard things easier!

Another hero Xavier, Yadina and Brad had the chance to learn from while on one of their adventures in the Secret Museum was Mark Twain, who taught them that laughter can make hard things easier! Encourage your kids that even when they think they can’t do something because they think it’s too hard, having a couple of laughs along the way will get them through it! They won’t even notice how much they’ll accomplish because they were having too much fun!

Join Xavier, Yadina and Brad as they learn from everyday heroes the importance of laughter! There are going to be times when they don’t feel like laughing or making other people laugh, but reminding them that laughter is often the best remedy is a great place to start!

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