Dr. Panda – Watch Full Episodes on the TotoTime YouTube Channel!

Last week, the third of five full Dr. Panda episodes premiered on the successful TotoTime channel on YouTube, available worldwide.

As worldwide distributors of the series, (excluding China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and select rights within MENA), we would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Panda City and share just a few of the excellent reasons to watch this adorable show!

Dr. Panda doesn’t just have one job, he has hundreds of them! One day he might be up in a hot air balloon, the next he might be operating a fire engine or running a pizzeria. You never know where you’ll find him next! Dr. Panda’s unusual solutions turn everyday situations into funny and meaningful experiences! After all:  “It never hurts to try!”

The series delivers fresh storytelling, which resonates with preschoolers, and is packed with characters full of warmth and charm. The main theme is powerful, yet simple: solving problems with friends! The show also encourages responsible playtime and active social skills. The full-episodes that are featured on the TotoTime YouTube were curated with the hope of motivating kids during this time of quarantine, exploring themes like adventures in cleaning, being active, and imagining with others.

We’ve rounded up the all the episodes that are currently available below.

So, get ready to say Hello Dr. Panda! And watch as he takes all your worries away, as Dr. Panda is always there to save the day!

Sports Day with Bip 

It’s competition day in Panda City! Bip is creatively stretching the rules to his own advantage, but Olette thinks he is cheating his way through the events. She encourages Dr. Panda to reprimand Bip, but Dr. Panda has a better idea… Olette should play to her own strengths!

Super Cleaner

Olette wants her home to be spotless, ready for a visit from Bip and Mei Mei. She turns to Dr. Panda – super cleaner! Working with Hoopa and his homemade cleaning machine, Dr. Panda makes Olette’s house sparkling clean. But Hoopa has a mix-up with the controls of his machine, sucking up the ingredients of Olette’s meal and spraying them across every surface. Dr. Panda realizes the solution lies in turning a chore into a game – which turns out to be more fun than he ever imagined!

A mystery at Moo’s farm

Moo calls Dr. Panda in a panic – all her favourite food is disappearing from her farm! So detective Dr. Panda and Toto set out to solve the mystery, only to find more food disappearing from right under their noses! After Dr. Panda comes up with a smart plan to figure out what’s going on, things turn out to be quite different than they seemed…

Stay tuned for more full episodes on ToToTime! There are still two more to come, with the next one premiering on Wednesday, June 4th, 2020.